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List of products by manufacturer KATĖS AKIS

Glad you visited in my work here, I wish I will not linger here for a minute. Nepezėsiu supermamiškų Slips of originality, uniqueness, as I am here with love for all things and all the other moose. My work speaks for itself, so that if they like you, then a lot of fun - draugausim.
A bit of important information about the same things: my work is of two types: single and not unique. Naturally, the piece can cost significantly more than non-unique. Sometimes there are client chooses some of the work yourself, ask the price and be surprised why they are so different.
This example wire wrap technique works, which to me is very considerable, is made quite quickly, does not require sophisticated equipment and skills because such works are cheaper and they can replicate at once.
Other work - piece. Such time-consuming, and very much do not like when a customer chooses a picture of some kind of jewelry anchor and writes me - "Make the same for me please." Never so nedarykit will not be the same. Unit labor is due to the unit, as this will be the second, not only due to the fact that I would like not even the same second the same so, but also because of the fact that handiwork always comes out different. So that pasitikėkit my abilities. I can do something similar in style, but at the same piece of jewelry.
I hope įsidėsit this domain. So you pleasant browsing my work.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items