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Information about delivery

Goods are delivered by using UAB „Baltic Post“ carrier services in Lithuania. For a delivery to foreign countries please consult with our customers service for more information about availability to do so. We ensure the following:

  • Goods are delivered to designated adress right to your doorstep.
  • A designated adress can be your home, workplace, or any other place to which you want to send a product.
  • About the exact time and other information regarding a delivery, the designated person will be informed by a text message..
  • While finishing an order, a customer can specify date and time and we will do our best to keep promises and earn your trust.
  • In cases, where a customer is unable to received a product on beforehand agreed time, we expect that you let the carriers know either by phone +370 5 2052120 or by email:

Goods are always delivered to designated adress once we receive the payment, but in special cases is able to accomodate all your wishes. So don't be shy and let us know by contacting our custumer service!  

We also offer a way to pick up goods you have bought in our collect points:

  • PC Akropolis  Ozo g. 25, Vilnius
  • Parduotuvė Eglė  Vilniaus g. 25, Vilnius
  • P/C Europa Konstitucijos pr. 7a, Vilnius

Delivery time

On average we make sure that you receive a product you have bought in 3 to 5 working days time. However, we expect that you understand that by using 3rd person carrier services, it is not up to us to make sure that we always deliver on time. What we can and we guarantee that we ship an order in the same or next working day from our stores once we receive a payment. 

 In exceptional cases, when we are unable to carry out an order, offers the same or very similar product in a place of the original order. Moreover, in cases were a customer is not satisfied with a substitute product (s)he is offered or a product (s)he has bought, refunds the money a customer has paid in 5 working days after the request to do so is sent.

In other cases, when a customer wants to receive a product (s)he has ordered in one of our collect points, a customer is able to do so in: Priklauso nuo to kur nupirkta prekė yra.

  • PC Akropolis  Ozo g. 25, Vilnius
  • Parduotuvė Eglė  Vilniaus g. 25, Vilnius
  • P/C Europa Konstitucijos pr. 7a, Vilnius

*The time is counted since the moment we receive a payment.

More detailed information about a delivery time in a particular case can be requested by contacting our custumer service. 

 Delivery prices

In cases were an order price after all discounts is greater then 150 EUR We offer special free delivery. In other cases, a delivery costs 4.34 EUR.

Furthermore, a customer can also decide to collect his product(s) in one of our above mentioned collect points free of charge!