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Terms and Conditions of Use


Hello, and welcome to our Terms and Conditions of Use. This is important and affects your legal rights while using, so please read them carefully. Further usage of this website means that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Use. This website belongs to UAB “ARSVALDA” (legal person no. 300550431, address: P. Vileišio g. 18,2 block, Vilnius, other infomation regarding can be found here (henceforth – “”, “we” or “ours”). For further questions, comments and complains please don’t hesitate to contact us. Continues usage of this website and.


Person, who uses this website or orders goods from the shop, further is called a “Client”, while the Terms and Conditions of Use is called “Rules”.

Website, where these rules are applied and clients can purchase our goods are called “the website”

Application of the rules

These rules applies to all legal exchanges between a Client and, whereby a Client purchases goods from the shop.

Changes to the rules

Occasionally we may, in our discretion, make changes to the rules. When we make changes to the rules that we consider material, we’ll notify you through updating this page. By continuing to use the website after those changes are made, you are expressing and acknowledging your acceptance of the changes



Information about available goods on the website in no way implies that are bound. A Client order is considered a suggestion to create a purchase and sale contract between the two parties. A purchase and sale contract is considered to be confirmed only at the point, where ships goods and inform a Client by email about it. At that point, purchase and sale contract are enacted and all the information about an order regarding goods, their price, amount of goods and all other implication are no longer changeable. home address considered a place, where all those contracts are created. 

All information about a client orders, which were confirmed by, is saved in the database.

Goods can only be purchased by people, who have 18 years or more and legally capable to do so. Other people can only be using website with their parents or guardians consent. keeps an option to rely on a 3rd person parties to help us to uphold our responsibility to our clients.

Regarding information about goods accuracy uses all available means to ensure the accuracy of our goods colors and other attributes. Please keep in mind that, it is possible that a monitor can disturb them, therefore it is impossible to guarantee it 100%. Other information regarding weight, size are estimates and could be not entirely accurate., according to applied laws, are not entirely responsible for it. However, we promise that we are continuously working to provide the most accurate information about our goods. also is not responsible to any person for any harm that may come by using the information provided in this website.


A price of a product(s) is the one, which is shown at the point, when the order by a client is made. Other prices could be changed at any point without notification. Moreover, the initial prices are without a delivery costs, which only at later point, when an order is made, is included. For further information regarding the delivery please consult our delivery section. VAT, in cases where it is applied, is already included in the initial price.  

Our client has an additional right to get 5 (five) percent discount from a final price of current order(excluding other discounts, delivery costs and other extra costs) to the next order he makes, which he can use according to the rules explained below.

These discounts remain active ones for 365 days, since the day when the last order was paid. This discount can only be used for those 365 days and after that a discount unconditionally loses its value.

It is important to mention, that this discount can be stacked from more than one previous purchase. A client can use this discount while paying for goods, however the discount cannot be higher than 20% of total order price. This discount is not applied to delivery costs of goods.

All discounts are shown in the invoice of an order.

These discounts cannot be exchanged to real money. They cannot be transferred to other clients and/o persons. If for any reasons, an order was returned to shop, any discounts received for that order is nullified. Moreover, discounts cannot be applied to special deal prices and so on.


A purchases can be only made by registered users or clients. Everybody can become a registered user by registering on our website and receiving confirmation.  

It is done by providing basic information about yourself. Once the registration is complete, a client status is changed to registered client and now is able to purchase goods from the website.  

Order and payment

A client can pick certain goods (s)he fancies and put it in the basket.

However, at that point the still not reserves those goods for a client. A reservation is done only, when a client actually pays for those goods. This way gives all the users same conditions to purchases goods they want.

Moreover, when you choose a product you want, please consult, how many of those we still have in our warehouses. In cases, where only few of those are left, please be vary that other clients can be purchasing the product at the same time. Order is made on the first come, first serve basis. In such cases, we immediately order additional units of the same product, but in may take bit longer to deliver the product to you. We assure you that we do everything that it is possible to deliver the product you have order as soon as possible once we receive the payment

Once an order is made, our clients are redirected to paysera website, to pay for it. To complete this payment please consult paysera payment rules.

 We regret to inform that so far we do not provide an option to pay by cash upon a delivery. In cases, where a customer has no other choice, we welcome you to drop by in one of our shops and finish the business in person!

In cases, where payment is not paid properly we account for 0.2% from unpaid part of the order daily interest rates. 

Once a payment is received, sends you a confirmation letter and immediately starts it.

Return policy have a commitment to issue a refund for bad quality/unusable goods. Bad quality can be constituted with manufacture defect or wrong manufacture specifications of a product.

In such a case, refund can be issued to a client’s personal bank account.

A refund is not possible in the following cases:

  •           Goods are brought not from shop
  •           Goods are intentionally or unintentionally damaged due to lack of safety measures (damaged by chemical substances, open fire, very high or low temperatures, sharp objects and etc.)
  •           Goods are damaged while using them not according to their instructions
  •           Safety instructions was ignored, while using goods

A client can ask for a refund up to 14 days counted since the day of the delivery to a customer. In such cases, a client must contact our customer service team via this email: and await further instructions.

In cases, where a client wants to return a product, (s)he must pay for delivery cost back to the Then we make sure that the claim for a bad quality product is a legit one. In such cases, pays full refund including delivery cost back to our home address. However, is not responsible for failure of a delivery company to deliver product to us.
Moreover, all the free products, which were gained as a result of buying a product, must be returned as well.

Payment legal base

In accordance to the ES Distance selling Directive 2011/83, a client has a legal right to return any product (s)he has bought in 7 days counted since delivery day to a client. The legal right does not cover goods, which were specially made to meet that particular client’s requirements or if those goods due to their nature and expiration date cannot be returned at all

All products, which is being returned must be with authentic labels, protective layers and with original not damaged box. They cannot be used, opened and must be in a same state in which they were sent to you in the first place by team. is not responsible for return failure of a delivery company. Moreover, in cases when a client wants to get a refund for a product, he must also return all the gifts, which were given as a result of a purchase client made.

A client, who wants to get a refund, first must contact our customer service via email: A client must indicate, which product (s)he wants to return and send an invoice number as well. An item must be return to the address, which will be sent to a client as an reply to his email.

Law base

All contracts are made and interpreted according to the Lithuania Republic law and all legal dispute are settled also according to it as a result of home address of enterprise.


All services, information and items, which are used in the website are shown by as is and as available principles and could be changed at any moment without noticing clients. The website’s availability could be limited in cases, where our IT team deals with technical difficulties, installment of new services or other urgent tasks. A client cannot make any claims in cases like that.

Intellectual property logo is a registered trademark. Other products or enterprises names, which may be on this website as well should be treated in the same matter.

Information on this website including texts, graphics, design, button icons, pictures, video and audio files, digital downloads, data and programs, is or our suppliers property, which is protected by the law and therefore can’t be used without our consent.

Breaking the rules

In cases, where a client breaks the rules stated in this page, can refuse to carry out the order, till the matter is settled.

Property of items

All items on this website is property till the point, where a Client pays for them and all related payments associated with buying an item including payment for damages and interest are finished.

Limits of responsibility does not take any responsibility for a damage, which a Client has suffered, except in cases, where a damage was directly caused by staff’s intentionally or unintentionally as a result of significant carelessness. is not responsible in any way for indirect losses a Client has suffered.

In cases, where must pay for losses, the maximum amount can only be the amount shown in the invoice.


The main communication form the uses is the email address, which further is complemented by quick messages on the website. A Client consent that all the necessary information, including contracts, messages, confirmations, etc. is sent by electronic means (emails and messages) and is considered a legal written form.