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Frequently ask questions

1. Is it possible to trust us ?

Yes , All Goods from eshop have the  Lithuanian Assay Office Sertificates.

2. How I can Pay?

3. Why I mus buy there?

The answer is simple - you are granted "individual" price which is lower than the purchase directly from a store, as well as additional REMUNERATION GOLD'ukais next purchase., And the selected item can be delivered directly to their homes.

If you prefer to withdraw the product in store, išsissaugokite purchase confirmation e-mail received by the presentation of the store, pick up your item at a special price of just you've been given.

4. How to get My special discount?

Discounts given:

1. When registering for the first time in our store, you will be entitled to Welcome Coupon in GOLD'ens one-off discount, which you can use to purchase products in our e-shop.

2. When you buy goods you will receive "GOLD'ens" which you can use for the next shopping our e-shop.

3. Recommend our online shop or store items that you like to your friends and you will receive an additional discount on the acquisition of your goods.

4. Click the Facebook "Like" button and Enjoy an additional discount, which  will be transferred to your account with your account in GOLD'ens.

5. Send to a friend. RECOMMENDATIONS email to your friends, invite them to shop here, and get a reward for your work.

5. Why I must be Registered user ?

The newly created account in our e-shop, you will receive a registration gift, which you can use as a discount on the purchase of goods in our e-shop.

In your account, you will find recommendation system (Reks), which allows you to earn rewards. You just need to be invited by e-mail your friends and acquaintances to register and shop in our e-store, and you'll get shopping for every GOLD'ukus, which you can use for shopping, or subject to certain conditions, to get some cash.

If you wish, you will be informed about newly received goods, as well as special discounts on individual products or product groups.

6. How I can use Loyalty points ?

Už beveik kiekvieną prekę įsigyjamą mūsų el.parduoduvėje , jums suteikiamiGOLD'dukai, kuriuos galite kaupti arba  galite paversti pinigine nuolaida patikusios prekės įsigijimui.

Juos rasite:    > Mano paskyra>Mano premijos taškai 


People talk, and mostly about beautiful things, so why not to use the opportunity to talk for 'money' ...

Refer to our online shop to your friends, go to  Login to My Account> Sponsorship System (RekSis), add friends and send e-mail invitations to visit our e-mail. store ... so as to give to friends Registration gift in GOLD'ens, and to bill your account will be ample reward for the work done or the acquisition of additional discount on their goods.

The more you speak, the more you send out a recommendatory emails to your friends and acquaintances using Sponsorship System (RekSis), the more rewards to earn his. Special numerous speakers, will offer a reward in exchange for real money. (P.S. are additional conditions).

8. How I to get Wholesales price?

Užsisakius ir apmokėjus prekes, kurių bendra vertė daugiau kaip 5000€ , jums bus suteiktos "urmininko" kainos, kurios skirsis nuo prekių kainų individualiems pirkėjams. 

p.s. ši taisyklė negalioja vienai prekei, kurios kaina viršija 5000€ .

9. How to sell more online, become widely known in the online space and save the monthly costs for maintaining online shop?

All this, for you on our trade jewelry online system -

There is absolutely FREE creates a virtual workspace tailored trade jewelry line designed specifically for your goods online, where you place their production, jewelery and themselves set selling price. No dictatorship! Only you and the buyer face to face ..

You know how to produce unique-Fantastic jewelry- we know as sold.

We are doing our work ..

10. About Brilliants quality

The main characteristics describing the value of a diamond:

1. Most of the diamonds are classic forms:

Klasikinės briliantų formos

2. Equally important is the brilliant color, which shall read:

brilianto spalva

3. Brilliant cleanness of describing characteristics:

4. Brilianto dydis: